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What is a fingerprinting bootcamp?

It's a class where you can:

Learn how to actually roll the fingerprints from an expert

Ask questions, engage, and get feedback.

Start taking fingerprinting appointments in the near future. (The Right Way)

Reduce the possibility of any fingerprint rejections

Learn how to get the big jobs, contracts, and actually sell and market for them in your local area

Learn everything you need for your local area live with an instructor to maximize your potential for success

If you are looking to get an expert to tell you the EXACT steps to maximize your profits then this is for you

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If you're on the fence, listen to this...

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To be eligible for the gifts you have to join the bootcamp

Once you join, we train you on how to roll fingerprints

AND give you a certification after passing a fingerprinting test


A certification with YOUR name on it

For free 🙂

That can be used to impress a client or business

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And to make it even better...

A SECOND incredible gift

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Enough fingerprint materials for your first 5 customers

When you utilize this, it's worth $250 in profit!


And to top it all off

A 30 day free trial of our training program

That program allows you to become a member of the "Fingerprinting Association" and gives you the opportunity to get jobs sent to you, use our logo, extra training and much much more

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